lunes, 16 de febrero de 2015

En ayuda de los cristianos iraquíes: Wilberforce Initiative

La página está aquí.Se denomina en recuerdo de William Wilberforce, un luchador contra la esclavitud en Inglaterra en el Siglo XVIII (podéis ver la película Amazing Grace sobre él).
La asociación ha elaborado un informe sobre la situación de los no musulmanes en Iraq:

The Islamic State’s desecration and destruction of historic sites of religious and cultural heritage is unprecedented in Iraq. In Mosul, IS has turned an 800-year-old house of worship into a place of torture. Another church in Mosul that has existed for 150 years is being utilized as a prison, and yet still another is serving as a weapons storehouse. All of the religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq face this deplorable reality. Yezidis note that this is the 73rd intentional targeting of their community. What has changed with the Islamic State is the speed and scope by which these religious and ethnic communities are being decimated. The Nineveh Plains had been one of the last relatively safe havens for Christians, Yezidis, Shabak, Turkmen and other minority groups, but with the fall of Mosul and surrounding areas in the summer of 2014, Iraq’s minorities have no place to go and are nearing the precipice of total disappearance.
¿Alguien está oyendo? ¿O todos vamos con los cascos puestos, muy confortables porque todavía podemos oír música?