lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015

Los matrimonios con terroristas del DAESH

Este no será del DAESH pero tiene la misma idea retorcidilla sobre las mujeres. 
Tienen inconvenientes (además de los más obvios),  como que se casan con nombre supuesto y, si los matan, no tienen a quién exigirle los derechos de viuda. La entrevista es muy interesante, e incluye también cómo controlan a las mujeres en su entorno.
Q: What would push a father to marry his daughter, by force, to an IS fighter?
They're weak-willed fathers, a small minority but they exist, unfortunately. The reason why he would marry his daughter to an IS fighter, for example from the security Brigade or the Hisbeh [the religious police], is that he will receive money, first of all, and secondly will enjoy power. This happens more often in the countryside than the city, unfortunately, because of the backwardness that exists in the countryside.
Q: What about IS and polygamy?
IS fighters will marry once or twice. Despite that, they also search for slave girls from among the Yazidi women. They have a strange infatuation with sex. Cases of sexual violence have been documented. IS fighters purchase Viagra. There was the case, documented, of an 18-year-old girl who married an IS fighter. Her family refused to announce her name—she was taken to the hospital in very bad condition.
Qué romanticismo se respira al leer toda la entrevista en su totalidad.