martes, 10 de marzo de 2015

Si no me das dinero, te mando unos jihadistas

El "cambio" en Grecia sigue imparable:
While peaking to reporters after an informal meeting of foreign minister in Latvia on Friday night, Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias warned Greece's creditors that millions of immigrants and thousands of jihadists will flood into Europe if they allow the Greek economy to collapse. The statement, which is bold, (to say the least), immediately began making headlines across Europe said a report on SKAI tv.
Lo que vulgarmente se conoce como chantaje: O haces lo que yo quiero o... No sabía yo que el vencedor había sido Al Capone. Pero eso lo único que traería sería la remoción de Grecia de la zona Schengen, como bien se señala en el enlace de arriba:
if and when Greece fails to play the role, the effective border will move closer to Berlin, so to say. The transition of the people between Greece and the EU will no longer be free. If Greece became a full-fledged failed state, I think that even the most Eurofanatical people in Brussels would understand that such Greece must be immediately removed from the Schengen zone.
After all, this "linkage of Greeks to the Islamists" has a moral dimension, too. If Greece were really using Islamists as a weapon, we should treat Greece as a bunch of allies of the Islamists. They would deserve a similar kind of a treatment, perhaps one including bombardment of the Greek territory. At any rate, it's amazing how deeply the cradle of the Western civilization has dropped thanks to the four decades of economic and moral devastation by the left-wing governments.
Unos hachas estos gobernantes griegos...