domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

Los crímenes del comunismo vistos por el Ministro de Justicia de Estonia

Vía O Insurgente:

Unlike Greece, Estonia has the experience of living under two occupations, under two totalitarian dictatorships. Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union in 1940, then by Nazi Germany in 1941, and again when the Soviet Union occupation continued in 1944 through August 1991. In light of the experience of my country and people, I strongly dispute your claim that Communism also had positive aspects. While is true that the Soviet Union played an important role in defeating Nazi Germany, the Red Army did not liberate Eastern Europe so that the states and peoples that been occupied by the Nazis could determine their own destinies. This did not happen in Berlin, and this did not happen in Tallinn. The Greek Civil War ended in 1949. In that same year, the Communist regime deported nearly 2 percent of the population of Estonia only because they as individual farmers refused to go along with the Communist agricultural experiment and join a collective farm. This was in addition to the tens of thousands who had already been imprisoned in the Gulag prison camps or deported and exiled earlier. Thousands more would follow, taken into prison up to mid-1950.
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